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LGBT inclusion training


We offer training to help school staff better cater to the needs to LGBTIQA+ students, with a focus on inclusive language, gender diversity and practical strategies to help staff and students feel safer.


Actively inclusive workplaces lead to happier and more productive staff. Learn practical tools to make your workplace a welcoming, accepting environment.

LGBT inclusion corporate training

FOR Health and Allied HeaLth

Our programs will help your staff create a safe and validating environment for the people in your care by providing you with the most up to date language, along with a deeper understanding of your clients’ needs.

Family Time
Personal Trainer Stretching Session
LGBT inclusion training

FOR Retail, Hospitality and Fitness

We will help you ensure that your business is a truly warm and welcoming environment for all customers by teaching you what language to avoid, and what phrases to use instead in order to make people feel seen and valued.

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