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Workplaces that foster an environment where all staff members feel seen, valued and included not only have happier staff, but also greater staff retention and productivity. Let us help you cultivate a workplace culture where your staff feel truly wanted and cared for, in turn maximising outcomes for your business.

LGBTIQA+ Inclusion & Allyship training

Would you like to improve staff retention by ensuring all people feel safe in the workplace, or to work towards attracting and retaining a broader market of customer, let us show you how to achieve this by becoming a genuine LGBT+ ally.

Consent culture training

Consent is about so much more than just sex. Whether you're a company wanting to take a proactive approach to sexual harassment, or an allied health worker wanting to use affirmative consent skills to help your clients get more out of appointments, we've got you covered.

Want a free lgbtiqa+ inclusion guide?

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Motivational Speaker

Looking for a keynote speaker for your next event?

Need a speaker for your next event? Speaking from lived experience, Mel & El will tailor a speech to suit the occasion. Engaging, informative and conversational, we’re confident we’ll leave a lasting impression.

Great for LGBTIQA+ dates of significance such as Wear It Purple, Trans Awareness Week, Pride Month, or just to make any meeting more impactful.

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