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Let's Talk ABout X's

LGBT+ Inclusion & Allyship Training for workplaces

Improve staff retention by ensuring all people feel safe in the workplace, or work towards attracting and retaining a broader market of customer by becoming a genuine LGBT+ ally.

LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Basics

60-90 minute seminar

Begin your journey towards becoming a more LGBTIQA+ inclusive workplace. In this seminar we examine the different identities within LGBTIQA+. Through a combination of our lived experience and that of our facilitators, as well as the diverse range of people we've consulted with to design our training, we help you understand the barriers LGBTIQA+ people face in the workplace. Learn to recognise assumptions about gender and heteronormativity, as well as strategies to avoid making these assumptions.

Let's Talk About LGBTIQA+ Inclusion

2 hour workshop

Take steps to become a safer, more inclusive workplace. In our signature 2 hour workshop, Let's Talk About X will help you understand the experiences of LGBTIQA+ people and the barriers they face in the workplace. With a strong focus on using more inclusive language, we'll help you learn to avoid making assumptions about gender or heteronormativity and use language that will help all staff feel safer, accepted and included. All of our training is informed by lived experience and created in consultation with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Journey into LGBTIQA+ Allyship 

4 hour workshop

Become an ally to LGBTIQA+ people with our half-day 'Journey to Allyship' workshop. Across the span of 4 hours, develop a deep, empathetic understanding of the barriers faced by LGBTIQA+ and dive deep into strategies you can use to help break these down in the workplace. We'll equip you with a range of tools you can use to make LGBTIQA+ staff and customers/clients feel more welcome and work with you to plan for enacting them in the specific context of your workplace.

Journey Further into LGBTIQA+ Inclusion 

Full day workshop

Dive even deeper into meaningful systemic and cultural change in our full-day 'Journey to Allyship' workshop. The full day session builds on everything you learn in the half day workshop, but allows extra time to begin to practise the tools that you have learned. Our facilitators will guide you in activities that give you the time to really cement your learning and support you to start putting practices in place in your workplace that will carry over into your everyday work culture.

Become an LGBTIQA+ Friendly Business

90-120 minute seminar

Make your business a more welcoming and accepting environment for LGBTIQA+ customers/clients, leading to better customer satisfaction and loyalty. Designed to help management staff, and anyone working in customer-facing roles, particularly in industries such as retail, hospitality or fitness, this training will be tailored to suit specific scenarios relevant to your business. Make sure your LGBTIQA+ customers keep coming back. 

LGBTIQA+ Inclusion for Health & Allied Health

2 hour seminar

You may have heard that the LGBTIQA+ community faces barriers to healthcare, which negatively affect the outcomes for these patients. Combining the latest research with lived experience, we help professionals in the healthcare industry truly understand what these barriers look like and how you can take steps to break them down. This seminar is suitable for healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, sexologists, massage therapists, pathologists and reception staff at any healthcare facility.

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Motivational Speaker

Looking for a keynote speaker for your next event?

Need a speaker for your next event? Speaking from lived experience, Mel & El will tailor a speech to suit the occasion. Engaging, informative and conversational, we’re confident we’ll leave a lasting impression.

Great for LGBTIQA+ dates of significance such as Wear It Purple, Trans Awareness Week, Pride Month, or just to make any meeting more impactful.

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