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Professional Learning
For Teachers

As teachers ourselves, we know that the biggest impact can be made by those in the classroom with their students every day. That’s why we offer a range of Professional Learning seminars to equip those working in schools with the knowledge and strategies to create a safer, more consensual, more inclusive environment.

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LGBT+ Inclusion:


Overwhelmed by all the identities and their ever changing definitions? Struggling to understand what it all means in relation to your students and how to support them? Have students in your class affirming their gender and worried you’re going to put your foot in it? 

In our signature LGBTIQA+ inclusion seminar for teachers, we focus on what you actually need to know when it comes to working with young people. Develop an understanding of the challenges faced by LGBTIQA+ students, and learn practical strategies you can adopt to make them feel safe, seen and supported in your classroom.

Relationships and Sexuality Educaiton Professional Learning for Teachers


Schools need to go beyond Respectful Relationships Education (RSE)  lessons and ensure all staff are equipped to recognise and address everyday attitudes, values and behaviors that contribute to a lack of respect for consent.


This seminar will equip you with the steps you can take to begin building a consent culture in every classroom, every day. Because for Respectful Relationships Education to be effective, a whole-school approach needs to be taken.

Relationships and Sexuality Educaiton Professional Learning for Teachers


The introduction of better consent education and discussions around consent will naturally lead to more young people realising they’ve had experiences of non-consensual sex.


This seminar will give teachers the confidence to navigate disclosures of sexual harm and instances where students may become triggered in a trauma-informed manner, helping you better support your students and make them feel safe.

Relationships and Sexuality Educaiton Professional Learning for Teachers


Did you know that comprehensive, inclusive sexuality education can actually help to prevent sexual harm? Having consulted extensively with recent high school graduates, we’ve found that too often LGBTIQA+ students are being left out, and the results can be devastating.


Not sure how to talk about different genders or sexualities? Wondering if it’s okay to separate students into ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ for certain activities? Have a few slides recognising LGBTIQA+ identities but not confident in delivering them, or unsure what else you can be doing?


In this workshop we’ll examine some common practices in sexuality education and assess their inclusiveness, helping you better tailor your programs to cater to all students in the room. Learn the skills and language you need to ensure your Relationships and Sexuality Education programs are inclusive from start to finish.

Relationships and Sexuality Educaiton Professional Learning for Teachers


Expectations, laws and policies around consent have been rapidly changing, and schools play a vital role in ensuring young people are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to form healthy, respectful relationships. Whether through formal Relationships and Sexuality Education lessons, wellbeing programs, everyday classroom interactions, or discussion of texts or historical events in English and humanities classes, teachers have so many opportunities to promote best practice when it comes to affirmative consent.

That’s why we've created this seminar to ensure all teachers - not just those who teach Relationships and Sexuality Education - are up to date with the changes regarding consent and how this applies to secondary school settings. This training will give you the tools to help your students grow into more respectful, consensual young people.


As teachers ourselves, we know how important it is to consider the culture, values and specific needs of a particular school and their cohort. We also know just how pressed for time schools are when it comes to PD.


That's why we tailor the seminars above to suit the needs of individual schools. All of our staff training can be run in-person or online.

Pricing depends on the number of participants. Get in touch for a quote. 

Art Class


We believe that access to quality consent education and LGBTIQA+ inclusion should be accessible to all.

That's why we've created a range of free resources to help you understand and promote consent and LGBTIQA+ inclusion in your school, workplace or home.

Online consent course for teachers

Want training you can complete where and when it suits you?

Check out our self-paced online courses. 

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