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Consent culture Training

for workplaces

Take a proactive approach to sexual harassment, or use affirmative consent skills to help your clients get more out of allied health appointments.

Prevent Sexual Harassment with Everyday Affirmative Consent 

Ever had someone stand too close to you, or lean over your desk in a way that made you uncomfortable? Ever been faced with a power dynamic that made it feel unsafe to say no? Sometimes we can make people uncomfortable without even realising it. In this workshop, we empower people with the affirmative consent skills to prevent this from happening in the workplace. Learn to apply explicit communication tools and check for congruent body language to ensure everyone feels comfortable, or step in as a bystander when you notice someone doesn’t. 

Affirmative Consent for Allied Health 

An updated understanding of consent is important for all health and fitness professionals, particularly those working in areas involving touch, such as massage, personal training and medicine. Learn the communication tools to ensure clients feel safe and comfortable to give feedback or direction, say no, and speak up if they’re not comfortable. This program will be tailored to the needs of your business. 

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