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LGBTIQA+ INCLUSION FOR Retail, Hospitality & Fitness

Keeping Customers Comfortable

Make your business a more welcoming and accepting environment for LGBTIQA+ customers, leading to better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You will learn:

  • About the different identities and experiences of LGBTIQA+ people

  • To develop skills that will help you become a better ally

  • To confront assumptions of heteronormativity and to avoid making them

  • To avoid making assumptions about gender

  • To use inclusive language 

  • Practical strategies for catering to customers of diverse genders/sexualities and making them feel seen and valued


Participants will receive a certificate of completion and reference sheet summarising the points covered. 

Who it’s for:

Small business owners, management staff and employees working in the retail, hospitality and fitness industries, and staff from other industries working in customer facing roles. 

Duration: 60 mins

Training can be run online or in person. Contact us for information on cost and availability. 

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