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Professional Development for Teachers

Designed by teachers, for teachers, in consultation with recent high school graduates, we offer a range of seminars and tailored workshops.

All of our training includes actionable strategies that can be used in the classroom to create meaningful change. 

Let's Talk About X's
Consent Seminars

As mandatory consent education rolls out across Victorian schools, we've designed a series of 90 minute seminars to help teachers feel comfortable and confident embedding consent across the curriculum. These are available on request and can be delivered to all staff or tailored to certain faculty groups.

Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Let's Talk About X delivers conset course

Foundations of CONSENT

In a society where the concept of consent is rapidly evolving, it's vital that everybody working with young people is equipped with a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of what consent really involves, why it matters and how it can be taught and modelled through everyday interactions.

Yet many of us teachers were never provided with any formal Consent Education. This seminar is aimed at helping teachers from every Learning Area understand the foundations of consent, so that they can better educate the young people in their classrooms.

Consent Online Course


Mandatory consent education is being rolled out in schools Australia-wide, but for it to be effective, a whole-school approach needs to be taken. 


That’s why we’ve put together training for ALL teachers, not just those teaching consent.

In this seminar, we unpack the attitudes and behaviours that are contributing to a lack of respect for consent and how you can change these.


Learn what steps you can take to begin building a consent culture in every classroom, every day. 



Discussions around consent and the introduction of better consent education will naturally lead to more young people realising they’ve had experiences of non-consensual sex. So how do we handle this?


Learn tools to navigate disclosures of sexual harm between students and instances where students become triggered in a trauma-informed manner. Feel confident, comfortable and prepared to tackle these situations, so that you can better support your students and help them feel safe.

Online consent course for teachers

Want training you can complete where and when it suits you?

Check out our self-paced online courses. 

Tailored Workshops

As teachers ourselves, we know how important it is to consider the culture, values and specific needs of a particular school and their cohort. We also know just how pressed for time schools are when it comes to PD.


That's why we tailor the workshops below to suit the needs of individual schools. These hands-on workshops are best suited to smaller groups.


All of our training can be run in-person or online.

Strategies for Teaching Consent

Want support in developing and implementing an age-appropriate consent education curriculum in line with department policy?

With a focus on age-appropriate resources and activities you can use with students, as well as the language to teach sexuality education in an inclusive way, we help teachers feel confident and comfortable teaching consent.

LGBTIQA+ Inclusion

Staff and students work more effectively and have more positive experiences when they feel safe and supported.

Learn to better understand and support LGBTIQA+ students through our inclusion workshops. 

With a strong focus on practical strategies, we empower teachers, ES staff and school leaders to create a culture that's actively accepting and inclusive of LGBTIQA+ students and staff.

Not quite what you're looking for?

As teachers, we pride ourselves on flexibility and a deep understanding of what makes for effective learning. If you're seeking training from experts in Consent and LGBTIQA+ Inclusion, get in touch and we'll tailor a program to suit the needs of your school.

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