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Let's Talk About



consent educators Mel Brush and Eleonora Bertsa-Fuchs

Consent Education &
LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Training

Let's Talk About X is a certified Social Enterprise founded by two experienced secondary school teachers.

Through our time in the classroom, we've seen first hand the difficulties young people face as they develop their understanding of sex, sexuality and gender. We know that teachers and other professionals strive to make those they cater to feel comfortable, but sometimes they're not quite sure how. 

That's why we've set out to equip teachers and other professionals with practical strategies to create safer, more consensual, more inclusive spaces. 


Professional development in Consent Education for Teachers. Check out our self-paced online courses.


Tailored training to help teachers promote consent, teach Sexuality Education and cater to LGBT+ students.


Become a safer, more respectful workplace with our consent and LGBT+ inclusion training.

"I strongly endorse your programs to assist those who deal with and teach Consent education.

Having degrees in psychology and education, and practical experience in this complex field, you are among the few people well placed to offer reliable and secure guidance in this evolving and difficult area.

I’m delighted to see this major development."

Emeritus Professor Kwong Lee Dow AO, former Dean of Education and Vice Chancellor in The University of Melbourne

“The best reason to hire Mel and Eleonora is not their knowledge (which is exceptional), or their training ability (which is stellar), but their passion.


Inclusivity education is their world. There's nobody I would trust more to train me and my staff on these important areas.


Being inclusive is more important now than ever, and you risk being left behind if you're not on top of it.”

Adam, Managing Editor, Fireside Editing 

“I wish previous presenters I’ve seen had known a lot of the strategies I learned from Eleonora and Mel.

This makes it all much easier, especially when you are still very much on your L plates. Although I think I might now be on my red Ps after this training!”

Helen, Secondary School Teacher

“I have learnt so much from Eleonora and Mel around consent in the modern day, their ability to inform through kindness and openness creates a space where people can properly reflect on their understanding. 

Their non-judgemental approach leaves you able to communicate openly without fear.”

Adam, CEO, Constantly Training

"The tools presented are very simple, easy to follow and can be practically applied by any teacher in every classroom. I think this training is worthwhile for all school staff!”

Krishna, Secondary School Teacher

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