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Cute Pride Shirts and LGBT+ Ally Apparel

Elevate Your Everyday Style

Did you know Let’s Talk About X has a line of pride and lgbtq ally pins and t-shirts? They’re all about style, identity, and the power of inclusivity.

As queer and gender diverse ourselves, we know how important clothing can be when it comes to self-expression. Our t-shirts and pins are all about showcasing who you really are and what you care about. In this post, we’re talking all about what some of the designs mean to us and what makes our LGBTIQA+ ally apparel and cute pride shirts a statement of pride, love, and everyday empowerment.

pride gear melbourne

Celebrating Inclusivity: Our LGBTQ+ Pride and Ally Apparel for All

At Let’s Talk About X, we understand and value the power of visibility, and what you wear is a means of showing who you are and what you stand for. When you choose what clothes and accessories you put on every day, you have the chance to be sending a message to others that you’re a member of a certain community, or simply supportive and accepting. We’ve designed all our apparel with this in mind.

Our pride series includes a t-shirt with a cute little 8-bit rainbow, for anyone nostalgic over old school video games. There’s a series of pride flag tees, including pansexual, asexual, trans, non-binary and intersex. They are designed either for those who identify with any of these labels, or anyone who simply wants to show support for someone who does. We also have a T-shirt aimed specifically at allies, helping them spread awareness and show others what they’re all about.

The inspiration behind our apparel: pride shirts with purpose

When you search up ‘pride t-shirt’ you get a lot of loud, proud apparel suitable for parade days, Mardigras and Midsumma - bold slogans and bright rainbows. But what about when you don’t want to dress like you’re going to a carnival?

We wanted to create apparel suitable for everyday wear, because let’s face it, rainbows are a bit loud - and we’re from Melbourne, where the plain black wardrobe reigns supreme. This is something that’s reflected in the pared back, simple design of our T-shirts. Because we want you to be able to wear them every day, not just during Pride or Midsumma.

non-binary pride t-shirt and consent t-shirt

We also went for subtlety with our designs - using simple flag colours on the left chest of each t-shirt, or playful, tongue in cheek designs like our Bi-cycles shirt. With these designs, many may not even realise you’re wearing a pride shirt and we think that’s part of the fun. There’s something really special about getting a compliment on your cool t-shirt by someone else ‘in the know’.

Some of our t-shirts even have a more personal story behind them. For instance, the Allyship T-shirt was conceived in response to personal experience in a workplace that was presenting a facade of tokenistic allyship, but allowing homophobic and transphobic bullying to run rampant. The T-shirt was designed to educate people on what Allyship actually entails, and to work towards stamping out empty gestures of allyship that aren’t back up by meaningful change.

Beyond just a t-shirt: How pride gear and LGBT+ Ally Apparel makes a difference

Show the world who you are with a pride t-shirt.

Declare your authenticity to the world with our pride T-shirts – where subtlety meets self-expression. Our designs are subtle and sleek, while also carrying a powerful message of identity and acceptance. As much as we wish we could wear glitter every day, our pride T-shirts are something you can wear to work or out for dinner, allowing you to showcase your true self beyond the dress code of Pride or Carnival. It's about embracing who you are. It’s about showing your support for people of all identities. It’s about sparking frank discussions to help create meaningful change.

rainbow pride t-shirt

Support trans and non binary people with our pronoun pins

Show your support for trans and non-binary people by proudly wearing our pronoun pins. These small but mighty accessories serve as a tangible commitment to fostering an environment of respect and understanding, and will help make the gender diverse people you come into contact with feel safer to be themselves around you.

pronoun pin she/her he/him they/them

By incorporating these pins into your daily attire, you actively participate in normalising the practice of sharing and respecting pronouns, acknowledging the diverse identities that make up our communities. It's more than just a pin; it's a gesture that speaks volumes, signalling your allyship and dedication to creating spaces where everyone's identity is acknowledged and honored.

In a world that is continually evolving towards inclusivity, our pronoun pins stand as a simple yet potent tool to uplift and empower, allowing each person to express their authentic selves without fear or judgment. Wear it proudly, and let your accessory be a catalyst for positive change and acceptance.

Why Incorporate an LBGTQ Ally Pin into Your Work Wardrobe?

Incorporating an LBGTQ Ally Pin into your work wardrobe isn't just about accessorising - it's a powerful statement of solidarity and support. Beyond the confines of fashion, this small but impactful accessory serves as a symbol of inclusivity, creating a visible sign that you are committed to working towards creating a safe and welcoming space for everyone. It's a subtle yet profound way to communicate your commitment to diversity and equality.

lgbtq ally pin

When you pin this colorful badge to your lanyard, you're not just adding a touch of flair to your outfit - you're contributing to an ongoing dialogue of working towards complete acceptance and inclusion. In the professional realm, where actions often speak louder than words, an LBGTQ Ally Pin becomes a beacon, signalling that you stand as an advocate for unity and understanding, not just within the confines of your office but within society at large.

So, why incorporate an LBGTQ Ally Pin into your work wardrobe? Because, in doing so, you become a visible ally, fostering an environment where authenticity and respect are not just encouraged, but celebrated.

Showcasing that consent is sexy: T-shirts that spark frank discussions and send an important message

Our line of merch isn’t just limited to promoting LGBTIQA+ inclusion. We’ve also set out to make meaningful change in the world of consent. Check out our Consent is Sexy T-shirt, which also comes in a colourful festival print. This one came about in response to a misconception we sometimes come across in our consent education work. People sometimes question whether asking for consent could ‘ruin the mood’. In response to this, our answer is simple - think about not asking and instead just going for something the other person doesn’t want. That’s what will really kill the mood. Asking, on the other hand, is sexy!

consent is sexy tshirt

That’s what this T-shirt is all about. The simple, embroidered design is available in classic Melbourne black, smart enough for a special occasion and simple enough for everyday wear. It also comes in a more fun, tie-dye, the perfect summer festival t-shirt. For the colder months, our ‘consent is key’ jumper is perfect for sending the message that consent is vital.

Another T-shirt designed to spark frank discussions is our ‘Keys for Consent’ T-shirt. This one corresponds to a series of lessons we’ve developed which teach the necessary communication skills to practice affirmative consent, and also comes in a colour we could only call grey(ish).

It’s so vital that young people are taught these skills - these keys - for consent. The keys help people remember to ask first and seek directions before they enter into anything. They’re also a reminder that anyone should be able to escape or shift what they’re doing at any time, particularly if someone feels uncomfortable. And it’s the responsibility of everyone involved to make space for that. We’re sure that when you wear this T-shirt, you’ll get lots of questions and compliments, which are a great opportunity to tell people what the keys stand for.

Keys for consent t-shirt Let's Talk About X

Help us spark #frankdiscussions, promote consent and prevent sexual harm by wearing one of our consent T-shirts.

Championing Change: Our Commitment as a Social Enterprise

At Let’s Talk About X, we're not just in the business of fashion - we're on a mission to make a meaningful change. As a social enterprise, our commitment extends beyond creating stylish and inclusive apparel. In fact, our merch is actually a means of helping to make the work we do possible.

With every purchase, you become a part of our initiative to promote consent and LGBTIQA+ inclusion. Proceeds help us keep the cost of our education programs down, helping us keep them accessible for underfunded schools. So when you purchase a t-shirt or pin from Let’s Talk About X, you're not just enhancing your wardrobe - you're actively contributing to positive, meaningful change.

Join us in championing consent and LGBTIQA+ inclusion, where every accessory and t-shirt is a symbol of empowerment and helps create safer, more consensual, more inclusive communities.

More than just cool a pride shirt

At Let’s Talk About X we’re all about creating a culture of consent and helping communities become more accepting and inclusive. Our pride T-shirts and LGBTQIA+ ally accessories are not just pieces of clothing - they're statements of pride, love, support, and everyday empowerment. As you navigate the world, let your wardrobe be a reflection of your true self and show solidarity with those around you.

Explore our collection and join us in fostering a space where diversity is celebrated, and allyship is not just a word but an active commitment.

Grab a t-shirt or accessory today

Ready to make a statement with your style? Visit our online store to discover our full range of pride t-shirts, pronoun pins, LGBTQIA+ ally accessories, and apparel that promotes consent. Embrace the subtle yet significant designs that speak volumes.

Whether you're shopping for yourself, looking for a thoughtful gift, or just want to support a business for good, Let’s Talk About X is here to redefine your everyday wardrobe.

Join us in celebrating diversity, promoting inclusivity, and making a difference - one t-shirt, one pin at a time.

Connect with us on social media to stay updated on our latest releases, stories, and community initiatives. Together we can create #meaningfulchange in the world of consent and LGBTIQA+ inclusion.

Mel Brush [he/they] and Eleonora Bertsa-Fuchs [she/they] are experts in fostering a culture of consent and LGBTIQA+ inclusion. They run training and deliver keynote speeches for schools and workplaces.

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