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The truth is that as members of the LGBTIQA+ community, we’ve lived first hand a range of experiences that made us want to actively work towards a better world. As high school teachers, we’ve also felt the raw emotion of students crying out for better, more inclusive sexuality education. 

For these reasons, Let’s Talk About X is very close to our hearts. It’s our way of combining our professional knowledge and understanding with our lived experiences and perspectives, and harnessing it into changing the world for good.

Through our training, we strive to support you in becoming a greater ally to LGBTIQA+ communities, while also fostering a culture of consent and clear communication in your school, workplace or family home.




At Let’s Talk About X, we don’t shy away from hard truths. We know that it can be confronting to take an honest look at the prevalence of sexual harm and the discrimination faced by LGBTIQA+ communities and other marginalised groups, but we do it because it's important. 

Social change starts with being honest, both with yourself and with others. If we want to create a safer society, we need to start by being open about and listening to the experiences of those who’ve felt unsafe and suffered harm. We need to be willing to accept the truth in these experiences, and acknowledge there’s a problem.  

The value we place on honesty is embedded within our tagline here at Let’s Talk About X. We promote frank discussions, as the first step towards meaningful change. 




To us, consideration means listening to and thinking carefully about other people - their feelings, their perspectives, their experiences. It requires empathy, and involves a respect for other people, particularly their identities and their boundaries. 

For a safer, more consensual, more inclusive society, we all need to learn to consider one another and the impact our words and actions have. That’s one of the reasons we incorporate a range of voices into our training, to help people consider the experiences of others. 

We also demonstrate consideration in the way we seek out and apply feedback, particularly from those whose perspectives differ from our own. We believe making the effort to step back and truly consider others helps ensure that our training is effective and will help create meaningful change. 



People think differently, come from different contexts, and have different experiences, which is why clear, explicit communication is so valuable. Without it, people are left guessing or assuming, which often ends up causing harm. 

Equipping people with the tools for clearer, more effective, respectful communication is a huge part of what we do here at Let’s Talk About X, in both our consent and LGBTIQA+ inclusion training programs. Honest, open, explicit communication is also foundational to the way we operate as business partners, interact with clients and deliver our training.




This is so much more than displaying a poster, wearing a lanyard or being friends with someone from a marginalised group. To us, allyship means recognising our own privilege and leveraging it to help break down the barriers faced by others. It means amplifying the voices of others to create a more diverse representation of the human experience.

The statistics are clear - people of colour, those with disabilities and LGBTIQA+ peoples are disproportionately affected by sexual harm. For this reason, allyship is so important in the Sexuality Education space. 

Allyship is a step beyond access and inclusion. At Let’s Talk About X, we promote active allyship, and strive to always lead by example. When creating our training programs, we take an intersectional approach, acknowledging that people’s social identities create unique experiences of discrimination and privilege. We’re clear about the limitations of our own positions as white, queer, middle-class Australians and know that we cannot speak for everybody. 

It’s why we seek out and listen to the voices of those from marginalised groups. We then share their experiences and perspectives with you - because we know that by giving you more voices than our own, we are providing you with richer, fuller learning opportunities. 




Everyone has the ability to learn, reflect and grow, but not all people are afforded the opportunity to do so. We truly believe that everyone deserves the chance to be provided with a relevant, up to date education along with the tools to think critically, look inwards and create change.

At Let’s Talk About X, we encourage you to learn from other people’s experiences. We don’t believe that ‘calling people out’ is effective. Rather, we like to ‘call everyone in’, encouraging conversations that help people share perspectives, reflect on unconscious assumptions and encourage personal growth.

When it comes to education, we’re also all about action. From our time spent teaching in high school classrooms, we know what makes good pedagogy. It’s one thing to be introduced to a concept, but it's another to actually apply it. That’s why we place so much emphasis on teaching actionable strategies that individuals can use to make meaningful change.

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