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LGBTIQA+ Inclusion For Workplaces

Cultivating Welcoming Workplaces

Actively inclusive workplaces lead to happier and more productive staff. This training program will teach you and your staff practical tools that will make your workplace a welcoming, accepting environment.


You will learn:

  • About the different identities within LGBTIQA+ 

  • To understand the barriers LGBTIQA+ people may face in the workplace

  • To confront assumptions of heteronormativity and to avoid making them

  • To avoid making assumptions about gender

  • To use inclusive language 

  • Practical strategies for catering to staff of different genders/sexualities and making them feel comfortable 

  • Strategies for acting as an ally to LGBTIQA+ people


Participants will receive a certificate of completion and reference sheet summarising the points covered.

Who it’s for:

People from any industry who wish to promote a more inclusive workplace culture.


Duration: 60 mins 


Training can be run online or in person. Contact us for information on cost and availability.

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