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Need a pride flag to display, wear or march with? We've got you covered. This flag is 90x150cm, perfect for hanging on the wall, waving around, or wearing like a cape.

Why has the pride flag changed?

A more updated version of the rainbow flag, the progress pride flag not only shows support for LGBTIQ+ people, but acknoweldges intersectional identities with the addition of the overlay on the left hand side. The white, pink and blue reference the colours of the trans flag, white the brown and black stripes represent people of colour. This version also includes a purple circle on a yellow background in the far left, referencing the intersex flag. These updates to the flag acknowledge the way in which identities can intersect resulting in unique and often compouding experiences of marginalisation. Overall, these newer flags stand for a more progressive, more inclusive approach to LGBTIQ+ rights.

Intersex Inclusive Pride Flag

SKU: 4001193646533
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