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Looking for comprehensive professional learning that will create meaningful social change?


We know that there is only so much you can gain out of one seminar. That's why we're developing a series of online courses to help individual teachers drive a shift towards a safer, more respectful culture. 

The first course in the series is a Consent Crash Course. Sign up now to be notified when the course is available and we'll give you access to the first module for free. 

About the course:

Designed for teachers, by teachers, our fully online, self-paced learning modules provide you with the skills and knowledge to promote a culture of consent within your classroom. 

We take an intersectional approach, incorporating the voices of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

What you'll Learn:

  • Develop an up-to-date, comprehensive understanding of consent

  • Be able to identify and challenge common misconceptions around consent

  • Understand how consent can be practised (in both sexual and non-sexual contexts)

  • Learn strategies that can be used to model consent in the classroom

Why EnROLL IN our online course?

As teachers ourselves, we understand how time-poor you are and what makes for effective learning. Our course is broken into bite sized, easily digestible modules that can each be completed in short periods at a time that's convenient for you. 

We focus on practical, actionable strategies that you can incorporate into your everyday interactions with students and colleagues. 

online consent education

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Understand Affirmative Consent

Learn what the recent changes to sexual consent laws mean for Victorians and how we can ensure they are followed in our free, self-paced online course.

Let's Talk About X's
Upcoming Webinars

Looking for online training? Check out our upcoming webinars below.

Let's Talk About X delivers conset course


Why isn’t “no means no” enough? Isn’t it awkward to ask for consent? Do I have to check for consent every time?


As sexuality educators, we get loads of questions like these, especially as the landscape of consent is rapidly changing.


Join us for a crash course in consent, where we will equip you to guide the young people in your life towards respectful and consensual interactions.

Consent Online Course


Mandatory consent education is being rolled out in schools Australia-wide, but for it to be effective, a whole-school approach needs to be taken. 


That’s why we’ve put together training for ALL teachers, not just those teaching consent.


Learn what steps you can take to begin building a consent culture in every classroom, every day. 



Discussions around consent and the introduction of better consent education will naturally lead to more young people realising they’ve had experiences of non-consensual sex. So how do we handle this?


Learn tools to navigate student disclosures of sexual harm or instances where students become triggered in a trauma-informed manner. Feel confident, comfortable and prepared to tackle these situations, so that you can better support your students and help them feel safe.

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