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Consent in Every Classroom

Fully online, self-paced modules for every teacher.

Consent EDUCATION for schools

Fostering a Consent Culture

"Respectful relationships, sexuality and consent education are most effective when taught in the context of a whole school approach that reinforces teaching through school culture."

Department of Education and Training, Victoria

This program helps to foster a whole-school approach to consent education, driving a cultural shift towards more respectful relationships. 


In a society where the concept of consent is rapidly evolving, it's vital that those working with young people are equipped with a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of what consent really involves and why it matters. 

Participants will learn that consent doesn’t just relate to sex. The skills and knowledge they develop can be applied to a range of interactions with students and other staff, helping schools to build a culture of consent. 


Key learning outcomes: 

  • Understand the many facets of consent

  • Learn to recognise and challenge damaging societal attitudes that normalise non-consensual behaviour

  • Develop skills to teach students to establish consent, give/receive direction and accept rejection (with a focus on non-sexual contexts)

Participants will receive a certificate of completion and reference sheet summarising the points covered.

Who it’s for: 

This is a program for all school staff. Teachers, Principal Class and ES staff from all sectors and Learning Areas can benefit from learning the skills to promote a school-wide culture of consent. 


Duration: 90 mins

Training can be run as an online webinar or in person seminar for whole staff bodies. Contact us for information on cost and availability. 


Strategies for Teaching Consent

This program focuses on enabling teachers to develop and implement an age-appropriate consent education curriculum in line with department policy. 

Key learning outcomes: 

  • Understand what’s appropriate for the age-groups you teach

  • Develop practical strategies for teaching consent 

  • Learn to incorporate consensual practices within your classroom 

  • Learn to challenge non-consensual behaviours 


Sessions will be tailored to the specific context and cohort of the participants. 

Participants will receive a certificate of completion and reference sheet summarising the points covered.

Who it’s for: 

Primary/generalist teachers and those teaching Sex Education at any level will benefit from this course. 

Duration: 90-120 minutes

We work with smaller groups, tailoring the program to your school and the year levels you teach. The program can be run in person, or online. Contact us for a quote.

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